Red Hot

The must-have colour that has been spotted on almost every catwalk this season is of course burgundy. This deep, dark shade of red can be worn from head to toe, whether it’s a pair of statement heels or a pout enhancing lipstick!

Purple dress - Lisa Ho

I love this shade for its diversity, being able to pair it with absolutely any other colour and its ability to instantly transform a look into a more chic and sophisticated style. Roberto Cavalli, Chloe and Givenchi are just some of the top labels that have been flaunting their burgundy collections for us poor girls to faun over, but lucky for us burgundy has finally hit the high street! I can’t wait to get my hands on this gorgeous Topshop duffel coat, the fact that it will match everything in my wardrobe is just one of the excuses I can give myself as I hand my card over the till!


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My fashion DOs and DON’Ts for A/W 12

DO get inspired by other cultures and times
I’m predicting big things for faraway fashion this upcoming season. Trends that I particularly like include twenties flapper dresses (these ever-elegant wardrobe wonders hide a multitude of sins!) and a Russian-inspired outfits (see Temperley’s A/W 12 show at LFW). It takes a certain amount of fashion know-how to carry off these looks, but if you do you’ll be headed straight for style superstardom.

DO clash prints but DON’T be slapdash about it
The most exciting and fashion-forward trends always carry with them an element of risk (get underwear as outerwear right and you’re rocking a look that’s both flirty and fashionable; get it wrong and you can end up receiving all kinds of unwanted attention!). Print-clashing is no exception to this rule. The smallest detail can turn a style statement into a dress disaster, so if you’re brave enough to give this look a try, be careful how you go and take a critical look in the mirror before you head out the front door. A few tips for beginners: clash two prints only and keep the rest of your outfit subtle. The prints should be in colours that complement each other to create some kind of unity. Head-to-toe print is something only the most confident should attempt – the meeker fashionistas amongst us can nod to the trend by clashing accessories.

Myer Spring Summer Launch 2011

DON’T let XXL shoulders get out of control
Don’t get me wrong, I do understand the appeal of shoulder pads. They give any outfit a bit of edge, and done correctly they can really help pear shapes to balance out their bottom halves. They’ve been around for a long time and although their popularity waxes and wanes, you can be sure that ultimately they’re here to stay. But seriously. Unless you want to look like an American footballer, don’t go over the top! Leave that to the professionals.

DO create a gorgeous silhouette
This one’s obvious, really, but I see so many girls who, blinded by what’s on-trend, have clearly given no thought to what suits their body shape. In most cases, if the silhouette is right the rest of the outfit will follow, no matter how out-there it is. Dressing well is all about creating the illusion of balanced proportions, so cinch your waist and get that elusive hourglass figure you’ve always dreamed of!
And one final bonus tip:
DON’T wear leggings as trousers (why do some girls continue to do this?!)


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State of the Nail Art

2012s biggest trend is of course glamorous nails! Proving fashion isn’t just in the clothes, nail art has been spotted on the biggest catwalks in the fashion industry including Chanel, Donna Karan and Erdem. This year us girls have ditched the facemasks and hair braids and have opted for marbelling, manicuring and more at our sleepovers to get the most extravagant, outrageous nails we physically can.

Disponível também em 3D!
Aztec is a print that will brighten up any day; always bright and colourful, this style of nail art is the perfect complement to an all black outfit! Aztec nails are surprisingly simple to create: all you need is a pale base coat, a black nail pen (or liquid eyeliner for the skint among us) to draw in the shapes you want, and a one or two brighter shades to fill in the gaps. Remember nail polish remover is a quick fix for any maddening mistakes!

For less intricate styles that are well on–trend this season are glam glitters, matte blacks and coloured tips- all easy to do yet standout styles that are perfect for when you’re in a rush! I personally love Topshop’s Nails in Junk Yard by Louise Gray for some serious sparkles that don’t fall right off! For those of you girls who aren’t lucky enough to get your manicures done professionally, don’t panic about messing up your delicate tips. After you’ve chosen the colour you want, simply rest your nail over a hard surface and draw a straight line with your nail polish brush. Use a cotton bud to remove any imperfections and when dry apply a clear coat of varnish to avoid any chipping!
halloween skull nail art

All you need for successful nail art is a steady hand, imagination and perhaps a dash of nail glue. With Halloween approaching I’ve got so many ideas of what I want to do; foiled metallics or duo tones…have you picked your spooky style yet?

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Winter Wishlist

Avoiding thinking about the typically terrible Berlin weather, it seemed fitting to begin thinking about what I’d like to add to my wish-list this season. Having fawned over the glossy pages of Elle and Vogue, I’ve put together a wish-list full of the most up and coming trends for winter. As always, dark skinny jeans a must-have; the worst kept secret on how to make your legs appear thinner! And they provide the perfect basis on this season’s latest trend- layering. I love wearing bright colours, but to stay away from a messy, clashing look I think I’ll stick to darker shades and focus the colour on my makeup. I’ve always loved Butter – a treat for all my senses, looking, feeling and smelling truly amazing!

I can’t remember a time when studs weren’t in fashion – I love the embellishments on this Topshop bag- they’re edgy but still elegant and don’t distract attention from the bag’s unique style. I’ve loved backpacks ever since I left school and stopped having to wear them- I think I’m just about ready to give up my Aztec Urban Outfitters backpack and think this suede, black one will make a great replacement. It has three side pockets so bags of room to keep all of my important things like makeup and loose change in.

I’m a self-confessed girly-girl and as much I want to embrace the current trends like leather tops and over-sized boyfriend blazers, I still like to be greeted by the option of a simple a-line skirt when I open my wardrobe. I love this red American Apparel knee-length skirt; it reveals the most flattering part of my legs and is a great colour to balance out my darker items. Like every girl, I’m a sucker for jewellery and my drawers are filled to the brim with bling I never plan on wearing. As usual, I’ve convinced myself I have a need for this massive black crystal which looks totally comfortable and promised myself I’ll wear it every day, I promise.

My Winter Wishlist

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Dancing and vintage delights

Now that Coachella has officially kicked off the festival season, I can’t help but get excited for the summer. And there is one festival above all that has me counting down the days, the Vintage Festival! Set to be bigger than ever, from 13th – 15th July, you can enjoy all that is great about music and style from the 1920s – 1980s. Covering such iconic eras, it would be impossible for me to choose my favourite, which is why the opportunity to enjoy as much or as little (lots please) from these creatively inspiring years in one place is so unique. Music acts will of course be there to keep you dancing until your feet just can’t take anymore. In between listening to live music and wanting to compliment nearly every person you meet on their enviable outfits, there are many treats in store that will have you wishing the weekend would never end.

My Christmas like anticipation is due to the festival’s unrivaled vintage market place and pop up high street, which are set to be full of vintage gems (promised at reasonable prices – here’s hoping!) and many covetable brands who are inspired by these eras of distinguished design.  Did I mention that the market is made up of some of the best vintage traders from all over the UK? I can predict an empty purse already.


Last year the festival took on the city at London’s South Bank and this summer is to be held at the grand country grounds of Boughton House, providing the perfect setting for you to put on all your most fabulous vintage finery. One of the most exciting and messy parts of getting ready for a festival is always deciding what your festival style will be (the whole contents of my wardrobe somehow finds itself on the floor). Normally floaty cuts and sandals, the Vintage Festival is a festival like no other, where the guys can be dapper and the girls can dress up on to their heart’s desire. I think planning for my best vintage look starts … now maybe! But which era to go for?

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Fashion á la Colombiana

When we hear the word Fashion Week, we usually think of Paris, New York or Milan. Living in Berlin myself, the Berlin Fashion Week also comes to my mind, of course. But today, I want to take a more international view on Fashion and talk about what’s going on in other parts of the world. When it comes to fashion on Latin America, the Sao Paulo fashion week is probably the best known one, but also the other countries on the continent have their own interesting takes on fashion.

Last week, the Colombia fashion week, Colombiamoda, took place in Medellín. Just like the country itself, fashion and beauty has also strongly been influenced by the narcos, the drug traffickers, making fake boobs and bums and super-sexy fashion popular among young women. However, times are changing in Colombia and Colombiamoda made this change visible. A number of designers showed subtle and romantic collections in Medellín, promoting a new kind of femininity and self-confidence. A lot of the clothes were made by local artisans, combining Colombian artisan methods with international design inspirations. But see for yourself:



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So they sailed away…

Summer has finally arrived and in order to shorten the time till the Autumn/Winter collections 2012, designers have come up with the resort collection. Clever guys, aren’t they? The big fashion houses like Chanel, Versace or Louis Vuitton have been presenting their resort collections 2012 over the last few weeks. To add a little bit of educational value to this post: Resort collections, or Cruise collections as they are also called, are inter-season ready-to-wear collections, shown in addition to the spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. The original idea behind it was to offer a collection for wealthy customers who went on a cruise in warmer regions during the cold winter months. Oh well, don’t we all dream of that?

As a big fan of nautical looks, I was really drawn to the Yves Saint Laurent collection, even though, well…the cruise topic couldn’t be more obvious. But the little sailor in me would still love to wear some of the pieces Stefano Pilati designed.

Striped sailor dress





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Maximize it!

Well, it’s not a big secret any more, but maxi dresses are kinda big this summer. For a long time I avoided this trend, because I was completely convinced that it wouldn’t suit me. In my imagination, only really tall women with a figure like a model could pull this trend off and well, let’s face it, I’m neither of it. But then I ordered one (just to test it, I swear) and just loved it. It’s the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn! Apart from my pyjamas maybe. Thinking about it, it’s basically just like wearing pyjamas, with the small advantage that my colleagues won’t give me weird looks when I turn up in it in the office. Perfect. What more could you want?

Starry Mission Maxi dress

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Get on your dancing shoes!

Future Music Festival 2011

Summer has finally arrived! And that does not only mark the beginning of the BBQs in the park, sunburns and the first blisters of the year due to new summer sandals, but also…the start of the festival season! Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of camping, portaloos and too drunk tent neighbours that will start singing their favourite songs as soon as you want to go to sleep, but all that put aside, a good festival with a great line-up can still be loads of fun. The last festival I went to was the Creamfields in Buenos Aires, an electronic music festival with acts like Faithless, Fatboy Slim, Paul van Dyk etc and it was so worth it!

And apart from the music, looking at festival fashion is definitely another highlight. I’m a big fan of ‘people-watching’ anyway (and can spend whole afternoons sitting on a bench with a friend just looking at the people who walk past) and what better place is there than a festival?

For a perfect festival outfit you need:
1. Denim shorts
2. flowy skirts or dresses
3. biiiig sunnies
4. a pretty hat
5. a crop top (but only if you’ve seen a gym from the inside lately…)

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Half way there…

It’s Wednesday! Which means that we’ve reached the middle of the week and as it’s after lunch we’ve left more than half of the week behind us and it’s downhill to the weekend from here. On Wednesday, it is already okay to start making plans for the weekend whereas on a Tuesday…well, come on, the week has only just started then. I’m hoping for BBQ weather for the weekend, so as an optimistic sign I’ve posted this sunny photo taken a few weeks ago together with the other flower photos I posted here.

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